Voice Actors


Jessica Calvello
Jessica got her start in the anime dubbing industry back in 1995 (DAYUM) with ADVfilms (now Sentai Filmworks/Seraphim Digital). Some of her recent work includes Attack on Titan/Attack on Titan Junior High (Hange Zoe), Amagi Brilliant Park (Tiramy), Gatchaman Crowds/Gatchaman Crowds Insight (Hajime), Infinite Stratos 2 (Tatenashi), Girls und Panzer (Saori), Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (Éclair), Street Fighter V (Nadeshiko), Dog and Scissors (Natsuno), Problem Children are Coming from Another World, Aren’t They? (Black Rabbit), Ikki Tousen series (Ekitoku Chouhi), Queensblade series (Nanael), Maria Holic/Maria Holic Alive (Kanako), and many more.

Some of her earlier work includes iconic titles such as Excel Saga, V1-3 (Excel Excel), Pokemon (Kay, the Raichu Trainer), Slayers: the Motion Picture (Meliroon), Dragonhalf (Mink), Dirty Pair, OAV 1-5 (Yuri), Boogie Pop Phantom (Moto and Poom Poom), Those Who Hunt Elves, S1 (Celcia), Magical DoReMi (Drona), Kare Kano (Tsukino), Ruin Explorers (Fam), and New Cutey Honey (The Lovely Warrior, Honey Kisaragi), in which she was personally cast by Go Nagai for the English dub.  

You can also hear Jessica as Rip Van Winkle in Team Four Star’s Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Episode 4 and Ifalna in Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (FF7:MA) – Ep. 8., as well as a number of animated shorts from famed comic strip Cyanide & Happiness on their Explosm YouTube channel including: The WeathermanDinner with the Folks, Sad Larry in Love and Going Down.

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David Wald


David Wald began voice acting several years ago with ADV Films, Sentai Filmworks, and Funimation. His credits include Bulat in Akame Ga Kill!, Hannes in Attack On Titan, Gajeel in Fairy Tail, Paulie in One Piece, Mutsumi in Kiss Him, Not Me, Rikki Nendou in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Germán in Garo: The Animation, Reiji in Diabolik Lovers, Ren in DRAMatical Murder, Katze in Gatchaman: CROWDS, Woodley in Black Butler: Book of Murder, Raizo in Ghost In The Shell: Arise, Master Chief in Halo: Legends, Charlie in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Duke Togo in Golgo 13, Tsutomu in Kids On The Slope, Kyouichi in Tokyo Majin, Kaito Daimon in Phi Brain, Kondou in Hakuoki, Dr. Ozaki in Shiki, Choe Gu-Sang in Psycho Pass, and Count Magnus Lee in Sentai’s 2015 dub of Vampire Hunter D, among many others. David served as ADR Director for Aura: Koga Maryuin’s Last War, and has recently begun working as a writer of ADR scripts.

David began working in theatre way back when WHAM! topped the Billboard charts, Back To The Future was the top-grossing film, wide, neon shoelaces were a thing, and we were all blissfully unaware of the damage our hairspray was doing to the ozone layer. Since those days, David has developed a great love for Shakespeare and very little need for hairspray. You’re welcome, ozone layer! He’s worked with noted Shakespeare scholars and interpreters including Andrew Wade from the RSC, Tina Packer from Shakespeare & Company, Guy Roberts from the Prague Shakespeare Company, and the late, great Dr. Sidney Berger of The Houston Shakespeare Festival.

David was a Studio Music and Jazz major at Elmhurst College, the University of Miami, and the University of North Texas and spent several years playing and singing in rock, funk, and jazz bands in the Midwest and East Coast. Eventually, he ran out of rock-n-roll angst and decided to go back into the more rational world of acting. His therapist has encouraged him to investigate the reasoning behind this decision thoroughly.


Dawn Bennett


Dawn M. Bennett is a Dallas-based voice actress that has worked with FUNimation, Rooster Teeth, ScrewAttack, and GalaxyTrail. She began voice acting during her freshman year at Berklee College of Music, where she graduated as a songwriting major in 2014.

Dawn can be heard in shows such as RWBY (An Ren), Show By Rock!! (A), Touken Ranbu-Hanamaru (Hotarumaru), Yuri!!! On Ice (Isabella Yang), Fairy Tail (Frosch), Attack On Titan: Junior High (Frieda Reiss), Akiba’s Trip (Kikuchi), Dance With Devils (Ritsuka Tachibana), Bikini Warriors (Dark Elf), Puzzle & Dragons X (Haru), Sky Wizards Academy (Rico Flamel), Keijo!!!!!!!! (Miku Kobayakawa), and Garo: The Animation (Esmeralda Valiante).

She can also be heard in games such as Freedom Planet (Lilac), SMITE (Celestial Isis), and Yandere Simulator (Asu Rito, Hanako Yamada, & Muja Kina).
Besides voice acting, Dawn enjoys singing for private events within the Filipino community and karaoke with friends. She also streams Let’s Plays on her Twitch channel

Other Special Guests


The Vixens
The Vixens are a cosplay dance troupe formed in 2015 from San Antonio. Initially brought together by a shared love for cosplay they soon found that each shared a unique talent and passion for dance. Together, they specialize in a variety of styles from EDM, Go-Go, Poi, Hoop, Fans, Fire, Folkloric, bellydance, J-Pop, K-Pop and contemporary all the way to traditional partnered styles like swing and blues. Often performing in cosplay their energetic performances are sure to have something for everyone
If you’d like to find out more about their dance troupe go check out their Facebook page at!
Kitty the Vamp Slayer Cosplay

We’d like to give a warm welcome Kitty The Vamp Slayer Cosplay who will be joining us at Otaku Fair x GaMExpo this year! All the way from Dallas, she has been cosplaying characters from anime, movies, cartoons, T.V., and gaming since 2014!

Check out her Facebook page at: