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Employment Opportunities

Attention Otakus!

Are you all about that Otaku life? Are you interested in joining the team? We’re looking for eager, driven folks with a very particular set of skills who are willing to help bring our vision for a convention to life. A detailed guide for terms and conditions will follow soon, but here are the highlights:

  • Positions are PAID $7.25 per hour. Your contributions are real, and we want to reward you for them!
  • You will be responsible for admission charges equivalent to a three-day pass.
    • IF you pre-register, you will be charged the pre-registration price of admission effective at the time of your pre-registration.
    • IF you do not pre-register you will be charged the door price.
  • If you will be working, you DO NOT need to pay for your ticket in advance. If you choose to wait until the day you work, we will pay you the difference between the number of hours you worked and the cost of the door price of admission.
  • Staff under this program are restricted to eight hours of work per calendar day.
  • Staff must be at least 18 years of age. Photo ID will be required. A photograph of the ID will be taken for our records.
  • Exemplary workers will be considered for other events that the Otaku Fellowship Society hosts
  • As these positions are paid, you may list them on your resume for work experience.

Keep in mind if you’ve already pre-registered, you’re eligible to apply to work with us. The nature of the work doesn’t change significantly compared to what we’ve asked of volunteers in the past; we just have a little more structure, and we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Come at us, Otakus!

If you are interested please fill out our employment information form here.