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About the Con

Run by the same staff as the Mizuumi Con you came to know and love, Otaku Fair is San Antonio’s newest three day anime convention!

Over the course of this rebranding, we’ve been asked by we changed our name!

Mizuumi Con literally meant “Lake Con” and because we were no longer at Our Lady of the Lake University, we were in need of a name change.

That being said, our main purpose for our leaving the Lake, though many of us still hold the university near and dear to our hearts because we are alumni, was because of space. We felt that we had outgrown the campus (a good problem to have, we might add)! So, after Mizuumi Con 9: The Final Chapter, we decided that it was time for us to part ways with the campus so that we could give you all the experiences at our events that we’ve always wanted to!

For our first year off campus, we have decided to team up with our friends at Geek Out SA who run their own gaming convention, GaMExpo (hence the name for this year’s event “Otaku Fair x GaMExpo)!  #WeShipThat! All this means for you, dear congoer, is that there will be MOAR ANIME AND MOAR GAMING!

Otaku Fair is the evolution of Mizuumi Con and we couldn’t be more excited to share our vision with you all. Whether you’re a new attendee, or you’ve been with us since Zero Day Anime, we’re so thankful for your continued support! We hope that you all will enjoy this year’s convention as much as we have enjoyed planning it!

In the name of the moon, we’ll give you a con!