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About Us

Mission Statement:

The Otaku Fellowship Society, LLC operates by one simple philosophy and that is “In the name of the moon, we’ll give you a con!” By hosting awe-inspring events, including its primary event, OtakuFair, the Otaku Fellowship Society strives to promote Japanese animation and related cultural and entertainment media.





Like every great idea, The Otaku Fellowship Society began with a dream. A dream to bring an anime convention to the City of San Antonio so that otakus and San Antonians alike would have the opportunity to participate in events that would celebrate Japanese culture in the heart of the Alamo city. Through the help of others that would go on to run their own convention, we were able to accomplish the first step of this dream through Zero Day Anime.

After Zero Day Anime, we felt prepared to host what was known as MizuumiCon for the next nine years. It was during this time that we were not only able to perfect our convention planning abilities we also became the dysfunctional organization of otakus, geeks, nerds, and generally pleasant people that we are today, a relationship that has become the backbone of The Otaku Fellowship Society, our family.

Although MizuumiCon was (and still is) a project that we will hold near and dear to our hearts, it was after MizuumiCon 9 that we knew we needed to part ways with our beloved convention so that we would be able to fully evolve into the events that we had dreamed of since the beginning.  

This rebirth has allowed us to take the best elements of years and years of work to create something bigger and better for you, our fans. We hope that you enjoy what we have to offer and that maybe you too will want to become a part of us!